Do It Yourself Vin Etching Kits

At Low Discount Prices That Are Easy To Use And Could Save You 3% to 15% On Your Auto Insurance

VIN Etching Kits Starting At Only $14.95 For One Car And Only $4.95 For Each Additional Car

What Is VIN Etching And How Can It Help Protect Your Car From Being Stolen and Save You Money On Insurance?

What is VIN Etching? It is simply using the VIN Etching Kit shown below and putting your car's VIN Number (Vehicle Identification Number) which is found in the Windshield area on the Drivers side of every car, on all of your glass windows in the vehicle. It takes only minutes and you or any one in your family over grade school age can do it in about 15 minutes. You can do two or three other cars at the same time easily.

This Etched VIN number then permanently identifies all of the glass windows in this car with the vehicle and makes it Very Hard for thieves to sell your car to a "chop shop" or get rid of it by selling it to a third party, because the thief would usually have to replace all of the windows to do this and they don't have the time, money or want the possibility of being caught. So they simply move on to another car and leave yours alone. Police Departments and Insurance companies have all kinds of statistics showing that VIN Etching Reduces Car Theft by as much as 65% to 97% (Depending on what part of the country and on whom did the survey). In any event it is Definitely Proven that VIN Etching drastically reduces the chances of having your car stolen. The same statistics also Prove that cars actually stolen that have VIN Etching are Recovered 60% to 85% more often and returned to their owners than non VIN Etched cars. Since this is all True and can easily be proven by very accurate statistics complied by several different agencies the insurance industry wants you to protect your car with VIN Etching. In most cases they will give you a reduction on your insurance premiums of 3% to 15% depending on which insurance company you are working with and where your car is located. You will need to check on this if you are interested in saving money...and most of the time you will SAVE More Money by far than the small amount you pay for your VIN Etching Kit. You will find in your Kit a Certificate which you can send to your insurance company to show that you have etched your vehicle's windows so that you qualify for any discounts they may have. This makes it very simple to do in just minutes.

There you have it in Condensed version. There are TONS of information and statistics on this subject but they all boil down to one thing that is certain: VIN Etching Works! It definitely slows down the theft of Cars by really serious percentages. The recovery of cars that are stolen is 60% to 85%. Don't you want this kind of protection?

Right now is the time to do it. It is quick and very easy to do and best of all our VIN Etching Kits are on SPECIAL TODAY! So think it through. You can probably SAVE MUCH MORE on your insurance premium by far than this inexpensive little kit will cost you and you will GREATLY REDUCE the chances that your cars will ever be stolen. This is one of the BEST INVESTMENTS You can possibly make so why not click down on the kits and order one today? The Kits come with complete instructions and almost anyone can etch the car windows in minutes. Now is the time to act while the kits are on Special and you are thinking about it.

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