Vin Etching - Frequently Asked Questions

What is a VIN?

VIN stands for Vehicle Identification Number. A VIN is a combination of numbers and letters that are unique for every vehicle. A VIN is composed of a combination of 17 numbers and letters. Each character of the standard 17-digit VIN has a particular purpose. VIN numbers are usually used to track recalls, registrations, warranty claims, insurance coverage and the like.

What is VIN etching?

VIN Etching is the process of permanently etching your unique VIN number into all of the windows of your vehicle which makes it "Unprofitable" for thieves to steal.

What are the Benefits of VIN etching?

VIN etching is a very simple, low cost way to deter thieves. VIN etching allows police to accurately identify a stolen car more easily, and also makes a car less valuable to a thief because the etched windows would have to be replaced before the car or it's parts could be sold.

How effective is VIN etching?

VIN etched vehicles have a 65% lower theft rate vs. non-etched vehicles. Also, a VIN etched car has an 85% or better chance of recovery if stolen. VIN etching is so effective that many insurance companies will offer discounts if you show them proof you have etched your VIN on at least 2 windows.

Is VIN etching affordable?

It is very affordable. Many car dealers charge up to $350 to provide this service. Why not do it yourself for only $14.95?

Is VIN etching easy?

Very easy! Each Kit contains complete instructions. You can etch your VIN on your windows in under 15 minutes. In fact you can usually do as many as three cars in the same amount of time.

How do I apply for a discount on my comprehensive insurance premium?

Many insurance companies offer between 3% - 15% discounts for cars that have had their VIN etched on their windows. An insurance discount request form is included in every kit. The insurance company may ask you to drop by your insurance agent's office for him to actually check and see if the number is correctly placed and etched. This usually does it.

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