Mark 440 Stencil Maker And Glass Etching Kit

This Kit Gives You Everything You Need To Glass with Your Designs Or Artwork In Minutes Using Reusable Stencils Which Can Be Used Over 50 to 100 Times And There Is Nothing Like This Kit Available Anywhere!

But There Is More Good News!

Your Kit Is Multi-Purpose And Will Do Many More Things Than You Expect: The Stencils That The Mark 440 Makes For Glass Etching Can Also Be Used For:

(1)Permanently Etching Anything Made Of Metal Including Tools, Parts, Knives Or Crafts And Lets You Put Your Copy, Designs, Artwork Or Trademarks On Metal In Seconds Using Our Etch-O-Matic Unit Which You Can Find Info. On Below.

(2)Also The Stencils Can Be Used With Water Based Acrylic Paint And The Included Squeegee To Put Your Same Artwork On Wood, Plastic, Fabric, Tile, Painted Surfaces, Paper, Poster Board, Metal Or Any Surface That Will Accept Paint.

(3)You Can Also Make Aluminum Labels In Three Colors (Red, Black And Blue) With Your Exposure Unit.

Mark 440 Stencil Maker And Glass Etching Kit

440 Stencil Maker

Mark 440 Stencil Maker And Glass Etching Kit Contents:
1 UV Exposure Unit in Aluminum Frame Measuring 5"x6"x12" High with Electric Cord, Switch and Special 365 Nanometer Ultra-Violet Bulb (120 Watts)
1 Aluminum Exposure Tray with Compression Foam and Glass Top
1-16oz. Bottle Stencil Developer
1 Plastic Developing Tray with Lid
2 White Developer Sponges
1 Digital Timer
10 Unexposed Universal Stencils 5"x6"
2 FREE Samples of Universal Stencils FOR PRACTICE
5 Sheets Transparency Film For Your Copy (8 1/2" x 11")
1 Sample Glass Etching Kit with Etching Cream
1 Complete Instructions
**** NOTE: 440 Stencil Maker is Only Available in 110 Volt Configuration. ****
**** If You Use 220 Volts You Will Need a Step Down Transformer. ****
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