MARK 440 Reflector Add-On Kit

Mark 440 Reflector Addon Kit How It Works: The two metal shields reflect back the ultra violet light, letting you develop stencils all the way to the edge of the unit; something you can't do with a standard 440 kit. These reflectors are easy to use, quick to set up, and will last for the life of the unit.
Keep in mind that this reflector add-on kit can only be used with our Mark 440 Ultra Violet Exposure Units. They are not compatible with any other size of exposure unit (Mark 560, 680, or 1000), or exposure units manufactured by other companies.
Setup can be accomplished in seconds. All you have to do is stand up the reflectors so that the small lip is flush with the back of your UV exposure unit. You can secure them to the unit with tape (electrical, scotch, packing tape, etc.) if you like, but this is not necessary.

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