Etches Mark Into Surface

Etch-O-Matic will etch into the surface of anything made of metal, including tools, instruments, equipment or manufactured parts, anything that can be typed, written, drawn or photo processed on a special stencil. This includes names, numbers, designs, logos, trademarks or even your own signature.

Using an electro-chemical principle, the new Etch-O-Matic can etch as deep as .003" of an inch in less than 30 seconds or mark the hardest tool steel and carbides almost instantly. It marks any flat or round metal surface down to 1/16" diameter and any metal thickness from thin foil up to the largest castings easily. Most marks (which look like printing or engraving) take about 3 to 20 seconds (the longer dwell times are for deep etching) and are permanently etched into the tool or manufactured part.

Etch-O-Matic Kits

Photo Samples

Etch-O-Matic Is Fast And Easy To Use

Anyone in your organization can become an expert in just minutes and produce professional looking marks quickly. In fact, Etch-O-Matic is by far the very easiest marking system to learn that is available today! Also, you will find that Etch-O-Matic is not only the fastest way to make permanent marks on anything metal, but is by far the least expensive method on the market today. Your marks will cost just fractions of a cent to produce and you will be extremely pleased with the result.

Martronics Corporation is an expert in etching and marking metal, multi-tools, craft-stencils with paint, and making rubber stamps.

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Our new Glass Etching Kits let you put your artwork on glass in minutes.

The Etch-O-Matic Marking System is an inexpensive alternative to laser etching and laser engraving.