Revolutionary New Glass Etching Kits

With Reusable Dura-Film Stencils You Make On Your Computer

Here are revolutionary new glass etching kits with special reusable stencils made with your own copy or designs on your computer using the new ultra-violet stencil maker that lets you make stencils with intricate designs never before available. The new stencils are reusable dozens or even hundreds of times!

There is nothing like this available on the market today. Our glass etching stencils let you make beautiful and extremely simple or very complicated designs in just minutes with these new reusable stencils. Stencils that you can make with your own copy, artwork or designs in your own shop or office in less than 5 minutes and can be used with glass etching cream to create easily repeatable artwork or designs on anything such as glass, mirrors, porcelain, marble, crystal awards or even ceramic glazes!

Now you can create the kind of etched artwork that you have always wanted to do, and you can do it in minutes for very little cost. What is more you can save your stencil artwork and use it over and over again and transfer the image from one piece to another without having to re-craft or re-make your original artwork. This saves you a lot of time and money and even lets you do "production runs" when you need to with little effort.


No more cutting vinyl with exact-o knives or using thin and very delicate "one time use" photo etch film for your designs. Now you simply create it on your computer, print it out and transfer it to our new dura-film stencil with a U.V. exposure unit and in less than five minutes you have a stencil with your artwork or design that can be used over and over again. This saves you time, effort and a lot of money. Nothing could be easier!

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you are interested in getting into glass etching for fun or profit or both you will find in this site kits for the beginner, intermediate or professional glass etcher at prices that start at only $14.95 (with a $10.00 discount coupon) for a "starter kit" up to large professional kits that make stencils that are 10" x 12" at $269.95 and everything in between. Also we will even show you how to start your own glass etching business FREE. Explore all the things you can do with these kits and remember that they are new and there is absolutely nothing on the internet today that will do all these kits do at prices anywhere near these low discount prices! Remember this is by far the very easiest way to etch glass with your artwork!

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