About Us

Martronics Corporation is a third generation family-run company, and has been in business continually for fifty six years.

Our Company History

In 1962 Dean Marshall invented the Etch-O-Matic in Golden, Colorado. It was a simple, WWII era process that he experimented and fine tuned in his basement. At the time he had two employees working for him, and all sales were done by mail or phone.

In 1967 Dean moved the business to an industrial park in Bellevue, Washington. As the city of Bellevue expanded, Dean realized he wanted a more quiet location for his business and family, and in 1979 he moved to Salkum, WA.

In addition to the original Etch-O-Matic starter, Dean invented the Super Etch-O-Matic (15 times more powerful than the Starter), and many more electrolytes such as stainless steel, neutralizer liquid and neutralizer powder packs. He also invented the Dura-Film stencil process, wherein anything you can create on a computer can be etched on metal or glass. The same stencil you create for glass etching can be used on wood, plastic, leather, etc.

Dean is currently working on a hand press process for pad printing. He saw the process at a trade show in Atlanta, GA, and wants to create an easily affordable pad printer.